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May 21

Creating A Positive Learning Environment

Learning environment refers to the prevailing mood, attitudes, standards, and tone that students feel when they are in school.  A negative learning environment can feel hostile, chaotic, and out of control. A positive learning environment feels safe, respectful, welcoming, and supportive of student learning. The good news is that a learning environment does not just […]

May 07

Youth Violence Prevention

Every young person in this country has the potential to contribute positively and productively to their neighbourhood, their community and the country; every young person must feel valued and be valued. We all have a responsibility to ensure that youth have access to the right supports and the right opportunities so they can make positive […]

Mar 30

Youth Development Through Sports

One of the core objectives here at the Alfred Polo Foundation is to strengthen the capacity of students who are weak in academics and strong in sports. Many youth do not receive an optimal start in life, and may not have an opportunity to attend good schools. Community sport programs provide youth marginalized by poverty, […]

Mar 07


The Alfred Polo Foundation has been at the forefront in providing mentor-ship to children and the youth alike. Apart from this we have also nurtured and developed talent and leadership skills in the youth. We have mainly had a focus on sporting talents since most Kenyan children and youth are aspiring sportsmen/women. We strongly believe […]

Jan 05


2013 happened to be a great year for the foundation. We’d achieved the majority of our targets for the year including hosting and sponsoring more events. We started 2013 wondering what the future would hold for the Alfred Polo Foundation, and although we all like to have goals and aspirations, sometimes they never work out […]

Nov 06

Sports Event Builds Friendship at Kandara Children’s Home

Often times, those involved in sports create a bond with their teammates that transcends sports itself. This distinctive bond was established among children from Kandara Children’s Home, Mbeere Children’s Home and Kibera Mpira Mtaani during a recently held football tournament. The plan was to combine the children from all the 3 homes, then divide them […]

Oct 01

Deliverance Church Kitengela – 2013 East Africa Youth Conference

Youth activities have always been a key thematic area of Deliverance Church and are mainstreamed into the Alfred Polo Foundation goals. As young people in the region need to increasingly play active roles in policies and programs that are geared towards fulfillment of their reproductive health and rights, the Church, establishes a youth committee to […]

Oct 01


At Alfred Polo Foundation, we have learned the importance of having social conscience. One of the Foundation’s core values is ‘World Citizenship’ which emphasizes the importance of ‘giving’. We share with people the real meaning of compassion, something that the modern world is desperate for. We will lead and participate in charitable activities and programmes […]

Sep 18


On 1st September 2013, the team from the Alfred Polo foundation consisiting of Alfred Polo, Collins, Paul and Eve visited Mbondoni secondary school of Mbondoni area, 8km from Mwingi town. The visit was initiated after an ad on the Mbondoni FC Facebook account. The secondary school had been performing well in secondary school games hence […]

Feb 19

St. Augustines Mirogi Boys High School

The Alfred Polo foundation visited Mirogi Boys School to promote sports at  by donating football uniforms and balls to the students and also to give motivation talks to the students and in particular to the form 4 students who were about to sit for their KCSE examinations on how to approach the exams and how […]