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Mar 19

Alfred Polo Foundation Visits Homa Bay Schools

On 9th March, 2018 we made a trip to Homa Bay county for a series of events. Among our entourage were two of our guest speakers: Carine Umutoniwase, Executive Director at Footprints For Change, and Ken Ogolla, a career administrator from the University of Nairobi. First on our stop was Manga Primary School where we […]

Aug 14

Youth Participation in Elections

A truly inclusive democratic society involves everyone in the political process, but in some areas of the country a segment of the population remains marginalised, namely the youth. This usually is as a result of institutional and policy constraints that have hindered youth involvement and left them sidelined from the democratic process. This trend is […]

Aug 10

Schools Should Embrace Corporate Mentorship

The fear of and failure to adopt a mentorship culture in schools has led to decreasing performance, increasing poor staff relationships, tensions and reduced productivity. Although the private sector uses this tool as a management strategy to leverage performance, the concept is yet to gain traction in some schools. It is important that the top […]

Jul 16

Farming Could Be The Solution To Youth Unemployment

Agriculture employs a lot of young people and is likely to continue to do so in the future. But to meet the aspirations of millions who want rewarding work, the continent’s agricultural sector will have to change significantly. Today’s farming by machete and hoe does not appeal to the young or to policymakers. Farming is […]

Jun 29

Neighbourhood Leagues Matter

Currently, thousands of young boys and girls in the country are involved in neighbourhood/community based sports programs; comprising mostly of football or basketball tournaments. At a time when our children’s time is immensely squeezed between school-related activities, home chores, and even their own personal time – it’s fair to ask why neighbourhood/community leagues matter. The […]

Jun 26

Recognising How Vital It Is To Nurture Young Talent

As the world demography shifts sharply towards a younger workforce, one of the foremost challenges worldwide and more specifically in Kenya, is attracting, engaging and retaining young talent. These range from art, music, acrobats, and sports. Today, the country is represented in top-notch world competitions; football leagues, boxing, athletics, acting and many more. Examples include: Lupita […]