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Jul 25

CNN Hero 2018 Nomination

The Alfred Polo Foundation was founded by Mr. Alfred Polo in 2011; who also serves as the foundation’s executive director. The main reason he founded this was to focus on human rights, children and youth rehabilitation, youth mentoring, youth economic empowerment, environment preservation and poverty eradication in Kenya. To that end, Alfred Polo Foundation has […]

Jul 05

Launch of Water Tank at Mirogi Boys Secondary School

Youth empowerment can be done in many ways; and one of the ways that the Alfred Polo Foundation decided to do this was by improving the water situation at Mirogi Boys Secondary School. During our previous visit to the school, read about this visit here, we made a number of pledges to the school and one […]

Mar 28


Statistics show that children who read, succeed. Reading and being read to at an early age not only increases success in the classroom, but in life. It develops critical thinking skills and creative imagination. Education and reading are highly valued in Kenya, and nearly every school in the country has a library. These libraries need […]

Mar 19

Alfred Polo Foundation Visits Homa Bay Schools

On 9th March, 2018 we made a trip to Homa Bay county for a series of events. Among our entourage were two of our guest speakers: Carine Umutoniwase, Executive Director at Footprints For Change, and Ken Ogolla, a career administrator from the University of Nairobi. First on our stop was Manga Primary School where we […]

Oct 16

Youth Contribution Towards Poverty Eradication

Despite being the largest economy in East Africa, a large percentage of Kenya’s population lives in absolute poverty, earning a meager KSh.100 a day. People around the country are involved in multiple occupations, ranging from formal jobs to the informal jobs. While there is certainly no lack of skilled labor in the country, there is […]

Oct 08

Empowering The Girl Child: A Challenge For Us All

When we empower girls, everybody benefits. Girls who are educated, healthy and free can transform their communities and pass on the benefits to their children, and to their children’s children. Yet the reality is that women are still treated as second-class citizens of this world; girls are almost completely ignored. Girls have no status, no protection […]

Sep 24

3 Ways Leadership Impacts Business Positively

The burden of unemployment rests disproportionately on the shoulders of the youth. Due to demographic shifts that have created a massive youth bulge, today one-third of the country’s population is between 18 and 34 years old – far more young people than there are jobs to support them, according to the United Nations Development Programme […]

Sep 17

Suicide Cases Among The Youth Rising; Time To Confront It

There are two peak ages in suicide cases: among young adults and the elderly. More women attempt suicide but more men complete the act. Men are also more likely to engage in methods that are most lethal. The World Health Organisation statistics show that the average rate of suicide in Kenya stands at 10.8./100,000, males […]

Sep 10

Starting and Managing a Self-Help Group (Part 4)

Welcome to the final part of our this series on starting and managing self-help groups. If you missed the other parts, click on any of these links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Now last week we focused on relationships and membership and this week we will focus on how to manage arising issues in […]

Sep 03

Starting and Managing a Self-Help Group (Part 3)

In this part of our series on ‘Starting and Managing a Self-Help Group’ we will focus on group establishment, leadership among other areas. If you haven’t had a chance to read parts one and two of the series click on the following links: Part 1, Part 2. 1. Establishing The Group. What kind of group […]