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At Alfred Polo Foundation, we have learned the importance of having social conscience. One of the Foundation’s core values is ‘World Citizenship’ which emphasizes the importance of ‘giving’. We share with people the real meaning of compassion, something that the modern world is desperate for. We will lead and participate in charitable activities and programmes that serve not only the local community but also the wider international community in a variety of ways.

During the celebration of Mirogi Boys High School 50 years of offering education to all walks of people, the Alfred Polo Foundation shared good moments with current students, parents, teachers and staff, and not forgetting the area residents.

Mirogi Boys celebrated its Golden Jubilee, 50 years in education, in January 2013. The School realized that if it could harness the collective energy and enthusiasm for ‘giving’ from the Mirogi Students, in a more structured way, it could make a considerable impact! In line with sports it was felt that it was only fitting at the end of those celebrations to reinforce our commitment to improving the quality and access to education countrywide for those less fortunate.

There will rarely be people who launch something with so much potential to lift the hopes and spirits and dreams of children as this Foundation has done. The benefits from an educated child will  affect not only the child itself, but his or her family and the wider community. The Alfred Polo Foundation’s commitment will bring that opportunity to millions more children around the country. I urge all the rest of you to support the Foundation, to accelerate and spread this work. The country is depending on it.