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Sports Event Builds Friendship at Kandara Children’s Home

Often times, those involved in sports create a bond with their teammates that transcends sports itself. This distinctive bond was established among children from Kandara Children’s Home, Mbeere Children’s Home and Kibera Mpira Mtaani during a recently held football tournament.

The plan was to combine the children from all the 3 homes, then divide them into four teams. This was a good way for the children to interact as they got to know each other’s names. Team work was also encouraged as the children were to work together to come up with a name for their own teams and also create posters that contained creative art work and logos for their teams.

The children did not disappoint on the field as they put in a lot of effort and team work towards winning the tournament. After the games, drinks and snacks were provided to the children. The children then got a chance to be mentored by Alfred Polo, who talked to the children about a number of issues facing today’s growing youth such as: drug abuse and focusing on education.

The Alfred Polo Foundation aside from providing mentor ship to the children, donated sporting kits and food donations to the Kandara Children’s Home.

The tournament was organized by Vision Africa and The Alfred Polo Foundation.