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On 1st September 2013, the team from the Alfred Polo foundation consisiting of Alfred Polo, Collins, Paul and Eve visited Mbondoni secondary school of Mbondoni area, 8km from Mwingi town. The visit was initiated after an ad on the Mbondoni FC Facebook account. The secondary school had been performing well in secondary school games hence attracted Fred and after frequent communication, it culminated to this visit.

The aim of the visit was more than just the soccer match and the donated kits and trophy. It was also about giving a strong message for building, uniting the youth and also educating them on life issues such as: drug abuse, permissiveness and safe sex, HIV/AIDS awareness, respect towards each other and their elders, preferences and prioritizing education and also offering alternative means to those who do not succeed in the education line.

The soccer match not only attracted the crowd but also acted as a unifying factor among players of both the Mbondoni and Kiio teams. The trophy was to be competed for on a monthly basis with the aim of spreading the concept repeatedly and gradually incorporating other teams from the neighbourhood and further. The game ended with a score of Kiio 3 – 1 Mbondoni.

The youth and community vowed to embrace Fred Polo’s vision and concept further and promised to make the next game and event livelier, attractive and educative. Coach Patrick Mutta got a platform of unveiling his ‘Soka Vijijini’ program aimed at raising soccer standards in the villages.

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