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Use All Means to Achieve Your Desired Goals

A father and son were spending time in a garden, the father working in the garden and the son playing around. Soon, the son wanted to do what his father was doing, so he started to imitate the father, trying his best to impress him by performing small works. He begged his father to give him some work. So, the boy started to clear some stones as directed by his father.

Later the father saw a stone in the garden near his son and asked him to remove it. “We will plant a nice plant there instead”, he said. The child tried to move the stone, but it did not move.

He declared aloud that he could not move it. The father was at a distance and so he replied aloud, “Try again. Use all your means to remove it.” The child used all his might and still could not dislodge the stone. Soon, he started to cry aloud. The father ran to him and pacified him.

“I told you to use all your means, didn’t I?” he asked. “Yes, I tried my best”, replied the crying child. “But you forgot about me, my dear. You could have sought my help. Why didn’t you include me in your ‘means’?”

The child was enlightened that he could have worked along with his father and could easily move the large stone and plant a new plant in its place.

Later, they together moved the stone and planted a beautiful plant there. This happens to all of us. When we fail in action, we feel depressed and dejected. We may forget the resources and the strength we have access to.

You are more successful not when you teach somebody something but when you start making them think: Remember, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. If you go one step forward and help him think that he can/ should fish for his own good, chances are higher that they/ you will succeed.

Your limitation is only your imagination: Imagine your limits, and you limit the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Instead, when you look beyond your imaginary limitations, you expand the horizon and can achieve more.

Challenge your limitations. Tap into all the resources you have: What you look for is what you get. Firstly, identify the resources that you need to solve your problem or achieve your goal, then chase them with all seriousness and sincerity. Your challenge is half resolved when you identify what resources to look for.

Keep looking ahead: Looking back without learning from those experiences are no good. Instead, let go of failures, decide on not going to stay where you are and keep moving. Keep looking ahead at the possibilities and the opportunities.

********This article by Sri Bharatam first appeared on the Business Daily newspaper, 26th Aug, 2019********